Friday, December 11, 2009

39 Weeks and Counting

I officially have 3 days until my original due date, December 14th. We hope little sweet pea hurries up and makes her grand entrance into this crazy world...

Carter is so excited for Christmas and "baby sissy" to be coming! We have our big tree upstairs and the kiddy tree downstairs - believe it or not, he does not try to bother the presents! He is a good listener, most of the time...especially when he puts his "listening ears" on.

I wanted to post a few pictures of the new bedroom for the kids - it is so cute, and was decorated by yours truly! We wanted to do something fun for Carter and cute for the new baby so we settled the main color being RED. Carter's side is tractor focused (Case tractors to be exact) and the baby's side is flowers and lady-bugs focused. Daddy still needs to work on somehow creating space in their closet because Carter is out-growing his clothes everday, and the baby is quickly infiltrating pink into the closet!

My mom made the precious bedding for both babies (yes, Carter is still my baby!). The patchwork quilt was so much fun and looks great, and Carter's blanket is simply classic. The fabric store was filled with different types of red, so we were lucky to find such great deals. While I do not claim to be an accomplished seamstress, I do think my hand-made curtains turned out fabulous. I love the way they flare out and hand on the window.

The tractor pillow and "C" pillow are among my top favorite part of the room. Go here to find out about the lady who made them. The wall decals were purchased here (super deal). The tractor picture was hand-painted by the art teacher at my old school! Thanks Mr. Phillips...

Carter loves his new room, hopefully little sis will too!

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