Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Babble Love

Have you found BABBLE yet? It's a great site for crafters, moms, aunts, babysitters, sewers, and etc. You get the point! Look at this great find on AUTUMN DOORS. These are my two favorites.
I also LOVE these crafty ideas. Easy and cute - the supplies are something I have on hand. Are you a no-sew-crafter? If so, these are for you! My sewing machine is a tad bit messed up, or maybe the sewer is? ;)
I love the creative energy crafting gives me. I also love to have fun little festive touches around our home! I recall my mom always putting a huge poster of a pumpkin with a cat coming out of it on our door for Halloween. She still has it! I also remember cinnamon brooms filling our house with a fall aroma...and yes, I buy one or two every season. Check out BABBLE today! All photos courtesy of

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