Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Babble Love

Have you found BABBLE yet? It's a great site for crafters, moms, aunts, babysitters, sewers, and etc. You get the point! Look at this great find on AUTUMN DOORS. These are my two favorites.
I also LOVE these crafty ideas. Easy and cute - the supplies are something I have on hand. Are you a no-sew-crafter? If so, these are for you! My sewing machine is a tad bit messed up, or maybe the sewer is? ;)
I love the creative energy crafting gives me. I also love to have fun little festive touches around our home! I recall my mom always putting a huge poster of a pumpkin with a cat coming out of it on our door for Halloween. She still has it! I also remember cinnamon brooms filling our house with a fall aroma...and yes, I buy one or two every season. Check out BABBLE today! All photos courtesy of

Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackets, Boots, Oh My!

Raining here! That's really ok with me because we have no major plans this weekend...say whaaaaaaa? ;-) It's been a bit of a wild week around our house, so I'm looking forward to getting in my jammies early, cuddling with a soft fleece blanket, drinking some good coffee, and eating some comfort food. Are your hoodies out yet?
Also planning on finishing a craft I started awhile back {EEK}. I've tried a few ways but haven't found a great one yet. I'm hoping for a big tulle ball, not small. I'll keep you updated if I find a new and improved way to make this.
Whatever your weekend entails, I hope it's fun and fulfilling. Big shout-out to my sweet nephew Owen - he's turning the big 4 today! Owie rocks our world!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall action...I'll take some of that!

It's Monday and the windows are open. It's that weather where you dress the kids like summer and put a hoodie on in the morning because it's a tad chilly. Also time for runny noses, scratchy throats, and sneezes beyond control. We have a little Cooper or "snots" around here toddling around. When a sneeze comes on him, you better watch out. Look at these little pieces of fall-favorite.
HERE, HERE, and HERE. Look at these fun things!

Friday, September 7, 2012


It's been a week of double sick babies around here. Ear infections, runny noses, sneezes, and etc. Hopefully we'll be all smiles again soon!
Are you following me on Instagram? Pretty much an iPhone, iPad thing. You should hook up with me! bethlynn816 Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with rainbows and happy thoughts!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All about the love!

Guest-bloggin' over at Mrs. G and the Artist! Take a peek --
Raining in Indiana today. I love the fact that it's helping replenish our plants from the dry summer, but man it makes me dreary! I might put my rain-boots on and go take a splash :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hanging from the Heavens

It's Labor Day weekend! Who is ready for it? We have some campers at my house and I'm awfully worried about their trip being nothing but puddles and rain-boots. Fun, nonetheless. I was really excited when I found this cute post over at Oh Happy Day {you know she's one of my faves}. A very do-able weekend project for any crafty guy or gal. Hula-hoop and material is all you need!
Picture from Oh Happy Day This reminded me that I had not posted about some of the touches in Ella's new room. I'll give you some background first; Ella and Carter have shared a room since Ella was old enough to be put into a baby-bed. First we had a toddler bed and a crib. Then we remodeled before Cooper was born and moved them into the big room and Carter graduated to a twin-size bed. After Florida, we decided to put the boys together and give our sweet girl a room of her own with a brand new shabby-chic bed that screams sweet pea. I'll be giving you sneak-peeks of their rooms over the next few weeks. With all that being said, THIS is something that gave me inspiration for Ella {If you don't follow me on pinterest, you should}.
Very simple DIY found HERE. I might try the hula-hoop/fabric project this weekend for my kitchen. Every high ceiling should have something hanging from it. Crafty Lantern Materials include: Scrap Fabric (cut into circles) Hot-Glue Gun/Hot-Glue Paper Lanters (bought mine from a second hand store) Hook for the ceiling Thread/Fishing String

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Third Babies

I wanted to give you a little inside view into Coop's birthday party in the sunshine state! It makes me giggle when I think of how over the top we made Carter and Ella's birthdays and with Cooper it's all about fun and simplicity...with everything. Here's the majority of the party favors/decor right here! Cute. Simple. Fun and party ready!
Baby boy loved his cupcake! He dived in just like Carter did - face first. No hands necessary people.
The gang was all there! The kids were all super excited about Cooper turning 1. We sang, played, helped with presents, and adored the little brother of the family. Of course Cooper thought the wrapping was more fun than anything, but he had fun with his new toys. We decided upon two usable toys from Target that we knew he would play with. I also have been looking for a little snuggle blankie because Coop loves a soft blanket.
Miss Ella joined in the fun as well...after about 20 minutes of Put your party hat on Ell! She finally did :) You should hear her version of Happy Birthday! Priceless.
Are you back in the full swing of things? We are sure trying around here. Carter missed the bus this morning but we made the best of it. This week has been a bit...crazed. Looking forward to some Pinterest time tonight to catch up on my creative energy and get happy about a new DIY project. Trying to slowly get back to blogging...come back and see me soon! Decorations were purchased at Target. Little Brother shirt via Carter's outlet.