Thursday, August 30, 2012

Third Babies

I wanted to give you a little inside view into Coop's birthday party in the sunshine state! It makes me giggle when I think of how over the top we made Carter and Ella's birthdays and with Cooper it's all about fun and simplicity...with everything. Here's the majority of the party favors/decor right here! Cute. Simple. Fun and party ready!
Baby boy loved his cupcake! He dived in just like Carter did - face first. No hands necessary people.
The gang was all there! The kids were all super excited about Cooper turning 1. We sang, played, helped with presents, and adored the little brother of the family. Of course Cooper thought the wrapping was more fun than anything, but he had fun with his new toys. We decided upon two usable toys from Target that we knew he would play with. I also have been looking for a little snuggle blankie because Coop loves a soft blanket.
Miss Ella joined in the fun as well...after about 20 minutes of Put your party hat on Ell! She finally did :) You should hear her version of Happy Birthday! Priceless.
Are you back in the full swing of things? We are sure trying around here. Carter missed the bus this morning but we made the best of it. This week has been a bit...crazed. Looking forward to some Pinterest time tonight to catch up on my creative energy and get happy about a new DIY project. Trying to slowly get back to blogging...come back and see me soon! Decorations were purchased at Target. Little Brother shirt via Carter's outlet.

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