Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday and Easter Ideas

We have most of Carter's birthday plans geared up alread, but he is in love with his 2ft x 3ft floor puzzle. It keeps him so busy and is educational. Side note: the mason jar sitting beside Carter was a frog that we found and he wanted to eat breakfast with it. We shared the frog at pre-school then let it go.

I found these cute floor puzzles, made by none other than Melissa & Doug. I love their toys.

I found these cute cupcakes for Easter on Casa Camocho, a sweet new blog I stumbled upon. Interestingly, her little girl just turned 3 and had an owl party, and she made a birthday shirt with similar materials that I am using.

Three things that I love at birthday parties I plan:
  1. Home-made birthday shirts.
  2. A banner out of material - tutorial here - very simple for the new sewing lovers!
  3. Cute cupcakes.

Carter will only have 2/3 this year since we are limited on decorations where we are having it. Might put up the banner on his actual birthday-day!

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  1. Thanks so much for the linky! Have fun planning the party :)

    I love those cupcake kits that you linked back to. So stinkin cute. I'm bookmarking that page.