Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hope you entered the banner give-away. I will be drawing a winner on Friday!

Carter was caught with chocolate pudding all over his mouth, playing with a computer cord, and weraing no shirt...how lovely!

Can you guess what little Ell likes to do? This is the fabulous bumbo seat and she loves it. Ella wants to sit up all of the time - she's very nosy! She has enjoyed laying on her mat and grabbing at all of the toys, but her favorite thing is to sit up and look around.

This is what part of our day looks like with Mommy working and Ella playing.

So glad to report that our little Owen had his palate surgery today and the surgeon said things went perfectly. What a blessing. We will be seeing Owie this weekend -- but until then we sent him a package of goodies like a big Elmo book, Elmo coloring book, Easter coloring book, play-do, and puzzles. Memaw says that he is doing well.

Oooh, welcome to the world little Henry Nolan McMurray -- born to one of my best college buds Courtney. More to come soon on this little man.


  1. Ella is so adorable! It's amazing how much all of these babies are growing already! I would still love to meet her....maybe we can get together now that the weather is getting better. Do you have a spring break?

  2. Yes! First full week of April :) We'd love to get together.