Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Wednesday?

So, this week feels like one big continual day for me. Does it for you? I guess that's what I get for just having spring break and big birthday celebrations!

Both kiddos are doing well and Carter is having fun doing the following.

1. Feeding the chickens {yes, for real - I will update on that soon.}
2. Going back to pre-school on a regular basis.
3. Learning how to play on his new guitar.
4. Riding his new tractor outside toy.
5. Eating bunches of grilled food from the charcoal-grill. I LOVE grilling - less dishes and good food :)

Ella is enjoying...

1. Being outside in the nice weather.
2. Sleeping in her new crib.
3. Her glow-worm.
4. Rolling over at 3am and not wanting to roll over again to go back to sleep.
5. Trying new foods.

I did find this incredible new blog from Jill's blog. Called Sew Liberated. The blogger is a Momma, montessouri teacher, and sewer - wow wow wow!

I want to buy the pattern for this apron. I want to make one for every lady I know.

Hopefully I can catch on to this sewing thing. I really am hoping it clicks with me soon...

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  1. You can do it - it just takes patience and lots of practice! Im making the girls matching dresses for Mothers Day/Baby Dedication - Im so excited!

    Laura Alte