Monday, June 21, 2010


How was your father's day? Ours turned out pretty relaxing, but we did not get to spend it with our fathers {Carter got sick, all over the place, Saturday evening}.

Here is a picture of my lovely Dad. He is a fantastic man with extreme love for his girls and grandkids. This picture is about a year old {pre-Ella} but it's a favorite for me. A few things that makes me love my Dad...he always made sure my oil was changed and my car was running good...he loves music and is constantly wanting to learn...he loves the grand-babies more than any Papaw could.
He's a wonderful man and anyone that knows him, would tell you the same!

What were your gift ideas? J got some new clothes along with a new collage-picture of the kids to display at work among all the other engineers. I did like Jill's idea of a root-beer sampler! I might steal that idea for some Christmas gifts...

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