Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crafting for the Holidays

Are you thinking of how to save for the holidays? Or do you prefer to give a home-made gift instead of another scarf from the store? There are SO many wonderful ideas out there for you! I want to show-case just a few to help you out. Home-made salsa is a yummy treat for anyone. Pair this with some gourmet tortilla chips and who isn't happy?

I'm sure you have seen the canned cookie-mixes in mason jars. Don't buy them - just make them! Much more affordable and you can do it in bulk. This would be perfect, especially for all the mom's and sweet-a-holics you know.

Jill just posted a tutorial on making hot-chocolate-tins, and it is fabulous. I might have to steal her idea! My mom helps me out with making home-made blackberry jam from our wild blackberry bushes. I think it gives the holidays a more personal touch. How do you add personal flare to your gifts?


  1. We make truffles every year for our gifts. Actually, last year we didn't make them and everyone was asking where their truffles were! They are that yummy! To add a personal touch we put the families last initial on some of them. The rest are decorated with powder sugar, crushed peanuts, sprinkles, or coconut. We buy cute little tins from the dollar store to put them in. The recipe is simple and I wanted to share it with you!


  2. Thanks, Shayna! I will definitely try these out. I'm going to look at Hobby Lobby for some cute metal tins to add some flare as well.