Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Fun

This past weekend we made "the visit" to see dear Santa. The conversation there was filled with excitement and comments like "I'm going to sit on his lap, Mommy!" As you can see....that didn't happen {hehe}. It was most entertaining when we walked through the door and the helper said "Santa's about to go to lunch." Well, Carter didn't understand that at all but we made due. Travelled to Panera and when given the choice of an M&M Cookie or some bread, Carter gladly chose the croissant {only my child would do this}. Croissant in hand and after 30 minutes of waiting, it was finally our turn. This image of excitement and joy, suddenly became an anxiety filled moment. In his most entertaining voice, Carter told Ella "You get to sit on Santa's lap, but I'm not!"

And he did not :) The helper did coax him to sit on the box beside dear Santa. At the end of the photo-shoot, he did tell Santa what he wants for Christmas {a huuuuuuuge drum-set, please}. Coats were then put on and we headed out. Fun times with kids...will never be forgotten.

Both babies got all dolled up this past Sunday in Christmas attire. I love these pants and must find some for Carter next year {they came from The Children's Place last year}. Boys get so hard to keep dressing cute after they are out of toddler clothes. Ella was full of festivity on Sunday and loved clapping to all of the Christmas music. Hope you are having a holiday, festive-filled week!
Happy birthday to my dearest J today :) 29 never looked so good. Did I ever tell you that he is hoping to pursue his master's in the fall? Quite the man -- I love you Jonathan Brian, now and forever.

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  1. Too Cute! Don't you just love the classic Santa pictures. Puts a smile on my face each time I look at our picture. These are the memories we will have forever - priceless!