Friday, February 25, 2011

Have time to spare?

If you have any spare minutes this weekend, you should jump over to MADE and check out "Celebrate the Boy." Seriously, fabulous stuff going on in this blogging, crafty world. My favorites so far are this and this.

I still daydream of sewing. Maybe over my maternity leave I will get the boost of energy needed? I know what you're thinking, hehe. In the meantime, DesignMom and Jordan are living in France and posting some magnificent information on it. I'm not sure I could be that brave! I can only imagine taking Carter and Ella with me to a foreign land...I think Jonathan and I would be headed back the next day :) IF we lasted that long. Have a fabulous weekend people - little Ella gets her pictures done tomorrow with a newly chosen photographer at an incredible little venue. I'll share more about that next week...oh, and a challenge for you!

Can you help me think of a new blog name? I'm trying to incorporate the ideas of this blog into a catchy name, and when that happens I will be finding a blog-designer to help me create a better layout. Any tips from those of you who have done so? I'd love names, thoughts, and suggestions!

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