Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's Wednesday! Wow :) I was fortunate to take some students to Albanese Candy Factory last week. It was a fantastic trip! They are famous for their gummies, and have even won Food Network awards. They have a special army-man-gummy that won an innovative award. I stepped away with a handful of goodies.

The atmosphere was delightful. It was like what my "bubble" looks like, you know what's always going on in your head? The huge flowers, the smell of sweetness, and people buzzing around with happiness.

We went on a tour where they explained how they send their candies and chocolates all over the world. In fact, the gummies you buy at Walgreens for prenatals are made there! The tour-guide informed us that all of their gummies have an "A" stamped on their belly. How cute! This little guy didn't get to go with me, but he really enjoyed the chocolate I brought home.

After the field-trip we ate at Portillo's, which is famous up near Chicago area. I had a grilled vegetable sandwich was was so delish, but everyone raved about the hot-dogs {of course} and the salads. It was such a fun trip -- you should definitely go. On a side note, if you are that far north you should also stop in at Fair Oaks Dairy -- whoah, what an awesome place!

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  1. Omg, sounds like my heaven. I love any kind of gummy candy!!!