Friday, May 6, 2011

Moms and Weddings

I know it's Friday night, but I also know that some of you frequently read your favorite blogs on the weekend! Today was eventful, and we ended up at a local ice-cream joint after hair-cuts for the boys. I devoured a waffle cone with mint chocolate chip ice-cream accompanied with a diet-cherry-coke :) Mmmmmmm, good thing I haven't splurged in awhile.

Are you excited about Mother's Day? I am! It's such a special day for mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and nurturing women all around the world. My mom hates to have pictures taken, so the only recent picture I could find is of her and my beautiful sister. A lot of people think I'm beginning to look more and more like my mom :) I hope so! She's beautiful, talented, and inspiring. My mom always makes things better, has a way to fix things that seem "un-fixable" and loves Jesus with her whole heart. She is one of the main reasons my sister and I are so strong in our faith today. I wish I lived closer and could take her breakfast on Sunday morning! I know she'd want a donut, even though she's doing fabulous on weight-watchers and would only eat a part of it :)

And, I couldn't put you off any longer for a wedding update. Paige {my best-friend since as long as I can remember} married a loving man named Bryant, last weekend. Their anniversary is the same day as the "Royal Wedding" sweet. The wedding was wonderful, simple, elegant, and sweet. The ring-bearer and bible-bearer were my favorites of the evening.

Jenny and I were both in the wedding party, along with both of our boys. Ella was decked out in a Strasburg dress {of course on the clearance rack} and the boys wore little tuxes ordered from JCPenney's. Carter's hair had grown out a little, so we slicked it down and he got more comments about "he looks just like your Dad!" than ever. We were adorned with taffeta dresses in an aqua shade. Our bouquets were a mix of peonies, roses, and another small white flower - very elegant. This was the first time I had worn high-high-heels in quite some time, so I was about to fall over by the end of the day. All in all, it was a wonderful time seeing old friends and spending the weekend with my parents. Carter and Ella played outside with Owen, went to the zoo, had snuggle time with Memaw and Papaw, and loved every minute of it.

Happy Mother's Day to each special woman reading this! You are appreciated and loved for all you do.

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