Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

Kids are tucked in tightly after a weekend with Aunt Jen. I am gearing up for a school-trip in the morning, and I know I wouldn't have time to update tomorrow; so here I am. Did you have a fabulous weekend? Any good recipes or unique places to visit? We had a weekend of fun and work, thanks to some wonderful family helpers watching my little ones. Friday night we headed to PF Chang's with friends. I stopped in at H&M along with Forever 21. My sunglasses get broken at least twice during the summer, by little hands, so I do not like to spend a fortune on them. Two conditions: big and stylish. Forever 21 has a great selection and they were only about $6. H&M was equally intriguing. We ended up with two cute dresses for Ell, one pair of delightful sandals, a pair of swimming trunks for Carter, and a pack of dress-socks for Jonathan. LOVE these stores. It's a good thing they are not that close to me. Get my drift?

This bow has me all sorts of happy. I am making one to add to a boring baby-bag. Love Dana and all of her inspirations. She should be on YOUR daily-blog-read list.

Photo via MADE.

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