Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Experience is the key

Potty-Training. What a crazy adventure in the life of a parent and a little one :) Carter was pretty young and very easy to teach, so now we are at that stage with Ella. She's petite and loving her panties, but of course she is learning and whenever anyone learns something is a challenge. With Cooper in diapers, I have opted to try out something different than pull-ups. Have you ever used any type of cloth-potty-training-pants? I automatically searched on etsy to see what I could find, and these little lovelies popped up.
You can find HERE and HERE. There are so many different brands, but these were both cute and affordable. Do you like to have a potty-seat or do you opt for sitting your youngster on the toilet? My mom always told me that we were potty-trained by 18 months...18 months!! Wow. The upside to potty-training early is less expense on diapers and the little girl panties are so adorable. This little girl is growing up, and I think it's a tad bit too fast :)

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