Monday, January 16, 2012

Day of nothing

I always feel like MLK-Day is the last big shabang of the season! For some odd reason. I have one little tree still up, and it's about to go in the box until next year. Bitter-sweet.
How about this for a little inspiration today? I'm re-thinking my little ones bedrooms for a summer-re-do and I'm purchasing odds and ends as I go along. This was something fun that made me think of Ella. I'm definitely having some type of banner in both of the rooms. Do you love banners as much as I do? If so, here's an easy tutorial for a no-sewer and another for the seamstress! Find a collection of cool kid-bedrooms on babble.
We had a fun little trip down south this weekend. Made some fun plans for July involving a VACA. Oh my, we are beyond ecstatic about it. Lots of cousin playing time happened, and the adults rocked out to Just Dance. My J is quite the dancer on that game :) Made me smile. I hope your day is restful and easy...I know ours will be!

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