Friday, September 21, 2012

Jackets, Boots, Oh My!

Raining here! That's really ok with me because we have no major plans this weekend...say whaaaaaaa? ;-) It's been a bit of a wild week around our house, so I'm looking forward to getting in my jammies early, cuddling with a soft fleece blanket, drinking some good coffee, and eating some comfort food. Are your hoodies out yet?
Also planning on finishing a craft I started awhile back {EEK}. I've tried a few ways but haven't found a great one yet. I'm hoping for a big tulle ball, not small. I'll keep you updated if I find a new and improved way to make this.
Whatever your weekend entails, I hope it's fun and fulfilling. Big shout-out to my sweet nephew Owen - he's turning the big 4 today! Owie rocks our world!

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