Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was fun at the Moore side of the family! We had a great time and Carter got to play with all of his cousins. He is the follower with the older cousins, but the leader with Owen and Ella! He is so funny to watch...he had so much fun and was asleep by the time we were headed out of the driveway. Don't you love when that happens? The cousins were in love with Ella and she slept most of the time we were there. Did I mention that she is the sweetest little girl ever?

We did miss the annual Murry Christmas Eve, which I hated. Due to Ella being so young, we decided to skip out on the big family Christmas get togethers. We will be heading to Memaw and Papaw's next week over New Year's to celebrate with them and Aunt Jen, Uncle Adam, and cousin Owen! We might even get to see lots of family next week at a "baby day" get together.

I will be posting pics and Christmas fun tomorrow :) Now, I need a nap...everyone else is already in sleepy town!

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