Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Merry Merry Christmas

Christmas at OUR house! Started around 8:30am (I know it will get earlier and earlier as the years go, haha) and Carter was definitely ready for presents. He slept with his Santa and he was excited to see what Santa brought for him. Ell-bell was also ready, although she was sound asleep during most of it. Here was a picture right before all of the fun began...

This was after all of the festivities! Carter was so excited about all of his new toys -- including play food, leapfrog toys, pajamas, a bowling game, new froggy towel, Go Fish game, Wiggles DVD an t-shirt...but, the biggest gift had not been revealed yet! Ella was sound asleep but will enjoy all of her new gifts soon enough :)

Carter found out shortly after the gifts that Santa had brought ONE more gift for him...a new 4-wheeler! He was in LOVE with it and has proceeded to make black marks on our kitchen floor and our carpet (aghh!) -- but he has had a ball...

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