Monday, December 28, 2009

Memaws are Marvelous

Mom and Dad came up yesterday to visit for a little bit, even in all the snowy weather we had! Carter was SO excited and immediately woke up from his nap with a jump when he heard that Papaw and Memaw were here -- he definitely had that Carter-sleepy look, ha!

They brought us yummy chicken, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, cole slaw, and biscuits...yummo! Carter loves mashed potatoes, so there were double of those so we can have them for lunch this week. It was so nice to have food and to have Mom and Dad here -- it took them 3 1/2 hours to get home, eewww...that made us really appreciate their visit!

Since we missed the big Murry Christmast Eve, they brought up some presents from our family members. Carter got a GREAT gift from Memaw Murry (the candy Memaw, as Carter will say). Memaw Murry gave Carter a Black and Decker tool set, and he has been playing with it non-stop. He wants to be like Daddy and Papaw, going around fixing hilarious.

While we are talking about Memaw Murry...I just have to say that she has always been such a Godly example for me. When you ask Memaw to pray, buddy she is praying! I remember going over to her and Papaw's house to spend the night, and she would let me and Jenny do her hair, then Papaw would fix us the BEST cream of wheat with toast. One time we even tried to have a craft-sale at her house, but no one came -- it was so fun though! Carter loves his Memaw Murry, and I know Ella will too...

By the way...
Ella did have her appointment with Dr. Bohney today (I am going to get a picture of him, he's the best). All is going well so far! We will have her weighed at Riley on Wednesday after they remove her casts to see how much she has lost from birth. She only weighed 7lbs 2oz with the casts, so I am sure she has lost some. We will also have them measure her to get an accurate reading without the casts on. Carter was the best little helper during the appointment, and wanted to know when it was his turn with Dr. Bohney :) We really appreciate Dr. Bohney, he is fantastic.

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