Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ella Update

So today was our first appointment after the procedure last week called the "heel cord release" or tenotomy. It wasn't too busy at the clinic today, so that was super nice. First thing is first...take OFF those casts! We have had nurse Debbie the past 3 weeks, and she always makes us laugh. So here's the run-down of what we do each week. Strip down Ella to a diaper, take off casts. Clean little legs off.

And this is what we saw...

Cute toesey-woeseys aren't they? Super nice looking to us :) We then proceeded on to get Ella's weight and she is a big 8lbs 6oz this week! She will be growing out of those newborn clothes really quickly. Dr. Loder visited with us and said that she was doing fantastic. Another 2-weeks of casts, then onto the shoes. I asked Dr. Loder if he would continue following her once in the shoes and he said "I'll be following this girl until she's almost walking down the aisle to get married!" So, I said "are you serious?" and he jokingly said "well, not that long but at least until she's about 13." WOW -- I had NO clue that she would be watched closely for that long...guess Dr. Loder is here to stay for awhile -- good thing we LOVE him!

Nurse Debbie asked me if I had saw a pair of the shoes that Ell-bell will be wearing. I had saw some different kinds, but she will be put into the Mitchell shoe and it looks like the one on the RIGHT. I was hoping it would be more like the one on the left, but it's not...they have had great success with the Mitchell - it is very flexible and causes less rubbing and sores on the babies feet. Now - when I told Jenny this {my sister}, she looked it up at work and said "Oh Beth, it's like a Jesus sandal" and then we started calling it the "Jesus Boot"...haha!
So...I'm really having a hard time brainstorming how to make them cute now. My only thought at this point is, ribbons on the sides to match Ell's outfits and possibly making a fabric cover that velcros to cover the bar. Does ANYONE have any other thoughts on this? I know things will be just perfect, and she is so gorgeous anyways, but my little girl deserves to have pretty feet fact, I'm already thinking her birthday party might have to be shoe-themed.

And here's our sweet girl...

Precious boy was in the mix today as well. We had our routine time at McDonald's after the appointment, with our same table {right beside the big fish tank}. He actually had a cheeseburger instead of nuggets today! Our new deal is that he has to wear a hat until he gets a hair-cut, ha! For some reason, he doesn't want to get a hair-cut...but his long hair days are just about over.

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it...


  1. Two more weeks of casting! Yay! Just remember, there will be some adjusting to the shoes and bar, for both of you. But once adjusted, it will feel pretty normal.

    As for decorating, well, I have a boy, never worried about pretty-ing it up but I will make one suggestion. The bar hurts when you get hit with it, or Ella is jumping on you knee later. I would suggest getting some insulation for pipes (round insulated tubing with a slit in it) cut it to size and put it on the bar. Saves furniture and helps reduce bruising. I suppose you could get some material and cover it to make it pretty.

    Hope the next two weeks go quickly!

  2. Thanks so much JoAnn! You are full of helpful advice :) I am only imagining what types of new adjustments we will have to make for the shoes and bar... :)

    I have definitely heard about covering the bar with something due to injuries, ruining furniture, and etc...good advice! Thank you for all of your great help :)