Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Carter's visit

Today was our visit to the Montessouri pre-school. Carter was so excited to be going on a visit to a "school." Right now, he associates school with Sunday school - so he thought this was extra special. When we walked in the doors there was classical music playing and a huge open area filled with all sorts of hands-on manipulatives and toys dedicated to learning. Carter was very clingy and shy at first, but it didn't take him long to warm up. Here was little Ella during our trip...

Carter met some friends and it was so interesting to watch the 4-year olds try to "teach" Carter the rules of work-time and playtime. Part of the Montessouri method is to have kids of all ages in the same environment so the older ones can model and help the younger ones...I truly believe this works in education. The owners of this Montessouri are fabulous and are actually in the same faith as we are! That made me feel even better.

Carter got to stay for about 2 hours and he even ate lunch with the kids {pizza, breadsticks, and juice - his favorite}. He loves being around other kids so much!

If we do choose to go with this school, Carter will be attending Monday-Friday for 3 hours in the morning, quite perfect for our situation at home! He will come home, have lunch, take a nap, then I will be just about done with work for the day. I hope it all works out as nicely as it is laid out in my mind...

Say a prayer for Ella tomorrow. We are travelling to Riley for a new set of casts; just 2 more weeks of casting to go! Ella, our sweet little trooper...perfect feet, here we come.


  1. Hi Moore Family! This is Lindsay Chase's sister, Stacy. Lindsay shared your site and I wanted to see your new little bundle of joy, Ella! She is the cutest and it looks like Carter is being a great big brother. I am glad that Riley is taking such good care of her. They were awesome when Collin had his heart surgery. Take Care and Best Wishes Always!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stacy! We love your blog as well :) Riley is definitely great. Thanks for the well wishes!