Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ella's Snow Legs -- week 3

Oh family and friends, what a wild day we have had! Today was our third appointment at Riley for Ella baby. Again, Dr. Loder is just fantastic and I am thinking of a way to thank him and all the beatiful nurses at the casting clinic that we see each week. Any thoughts? I'd love some good ideas...

Started the day off great, having breakfast with Carter (our morning routine). It takes so much longer to get two kids ready instead of's really bazaar! Both kids were dressed, I actually got to wash my hair, and we were ready to go (although I forgot my coffee). Appointment was at 12:50 and we did not have to wait that long today.

Nurse Debbie worked with us today and was sensational with Ella. The casts came off easily and little Ella was free again for about 15 minutes -- the best 15 minutes of the day! It is so sweet to see her legs moving everywhere. Here is a short clip of what happens...

Dr. Loder said that Ella is doing beautifully and that she is progressing very nicely. Apparently, her feet were pretty turned in (more than others) and so Dr. Loder is really impressed with how nice they look at this stage in the game. I was so glad to hear this - then on to the third set of casts. They look great, Ella is perfect, and I'm anticipating a little fussiness tonight and tomorrow. I am going to use some infant Tylenol drops tonight though...I got the "ok" from Dr. Loder and the nurses today.
Here's to another week of baby Ella's snow legs and one step closer to perfect toesey-woeseys! Oh, and our precious Carter Alan was a hit at the doctor's office -- they just love him there. He's such a good boy...


  1. How sweet is Carter! You have some amazing children...of course with as wonderful parents as you and Jonathan are no wonder! Miss you!

  2. I just want to cry seeing how much love Carter has for Ella! Things are looking great!!!!

  3. Sweet precious little Ella--your little "snow legs" look wonderful-I love seeing you kick!

    And Carter Boo-what a wonderful helper you are with Ella. You are my sweet boy!

    Mema loves you both!

  4. Beth, I can't believe the change in Ella already. She is such a little punkin! Also, could Carter be any better of a big brother? love you - jame