Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Fun

This year we started out 2010 as a family of four with our new precious Ella!
Since we had not celebrated Christmas yet with the Murry side, we headed down to Floyds Knobs area on New Year's Eve. I was so excited to go down for a visit and see everyone, and Carter was ecstatic -- he always is! Ella and Carter both did great on the way down there, thanks to the new DVD player from Memaw Carla :) That always helps out...wiggles were playing the whole way down to Memaw and Papaw's house.
We had Christmas on New Year's Eve night and it was hysterical. The last gift was a set a DRUMS for both boys...well, the other gifts meant nothing when they saw those drum sets! Carter quickly dropped his new back-pack and headed straight to his set...he looked like he was in a dream thinking "is this real?" was priceless (I am going to try and put the video up sometime this week). Needless to say, O and C were drumming for the next 45 minutes with no music! When we had to put away the drums, all were very sad :(

Aunt Jen and Uncle Adam bought Carter a new backpack for Christmas, and he is in love with it! He carries it around everywhere -- and it even has his initials on it -- perfect for weekend visits at Memaw's house. Among the gifts were clothes, diapers, a guitar watch, snow suit and boots, tractor fleece blankie, pink plaid blankie, headbands, socks, and much more...wowie-wow-wow!

Still working on those New Year's resolutions...hope you have yours!

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