Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All the white stuff...

Do you have all that fluffy white goodness at your house? Referring to the snow...we sure do! We have a good 6-7 inches at our house, and it's still snowing. I like it, but I do not like trying to get OUT of the house in it. Two kids + Country Roads = Trouble

Today, we actually took Carter out in all of the snow. Jonathan got home from work early and Ella was taking a nap, so we set out for a snow adventure with Carter Alan...

He finally got to use his snow-gear from Memaw! And, it was really good snow-gear. The snow suit and boots came from Target and were really warm and cozy on him.

Snow angels with Daddy! Carter wasn't really sure about having the snow on his face but we told him that he could lick it off and that it tasted like ice -- after that, he was fine. He didn't want to lay ALL the way down, but would lay down and keep his head up while trying to make a little snow angel...ha!

Doesn't the background look fake? Well, it isn't!! Beautiful woods...I love the bare trees in the winter-time, every tree is so unique.

Super fun time. And little Ell was warm and cozy with her cute onesie and baby-legs on. She took a break from the shoes for a bit of time. Sometimes it seems that when you take the shoes off it hurts her, probably because she is strapped in them for such long periods of time. She is doing better each day though, even with the teething. We think she has at least 4 coming in...eek!

Are you out in the snow today or is it sunny? Wherever you are, we are sending warm thoughts to you!

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  1. Baby Ella just gets more beautiful by the day! Love the pictures of Jonathan and his mini-me Carter! Can't wait for the weather to get better to see you all!