Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day of Love #3 {a little late!}

What a cutie, even though she is screaming! Today's craft was designed for my little Ella, but could be easily adapted for whatever age-range you want.

I first used a long-sleeved onesie {trying a t-shirt for Carter soon}. I had some scrap heart-material that I wanted to use for Valentine's Day. Here are some step-by-step directions.

1. Pre-wash your t-shirt/onesie.
2. Use heatbond {I just followed the directions, very easy: and I bought it at Walmart} for design fabric.
3. Cut out shape after you have ironed on the heatbond.
4. Iron on cut-out shapes to your t-shirt/onesie/etc.

Carter had a t-shirt that was made like this for his 2nd birthday last year. The only thing I would suggest doing is sewing a stitch around the edges to make it more secure. My sewing maching is tad bit messed up right now, so I haven't done that yet. Ella looked so cute though and this only took about 15-20 minutes!

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