Thursday, February 11, 2010

Casts are out, shoes are in!

Ella has had quite the past two days! First of all, this little one has already started teething {unless my eyes and Daddy's eyes are deceiving us}. Carter had 4 teeth by the time he was 3 months, so I guess our babies teethe early? So...along with pains of something new, we have mouth pains too!

Yesterday was very eventful though. Casts were off, she weighed in at a big 9lbs. 1oz. and Dr. Loder said things looked fantastic! We were off to meet the brace-shop man, named Dan. Dan was super nice and explained things very well. Little miss has the Mitchell shoe {sort of like a brace} with a bar. Dr. Loder said it would be a test of the "wills" for the next two days. I didn't really think it would bring new challenges, but it has! I'm sure you can tell what little Ell thinks so far...

I tried on some white bows to see if they were any cuter, and yes indeedy they are! Of course, this is a new learing experience for us. We are experimenting with clothes to wear and clothes not to wear.

I don't think footed sleepers are good anymore {just because of the shoes, otherwise I would love them}. If things are bunched up at the feet, then the shoes make indentations on her feet...not very comfy for baby girl. So, footed sleepers are out indefinitely because she will be wearing these shoes at night until she can no longer wear footed sleepers!!

I bought babylegs for Ella before she was born, and today I put the cutest little long-sleeved onesie on her, with the baby legs and a pair of socks. The babylegs {just like legwarmers} cover the top two clasps on the shoe and are super stylish. The socks do not bunch up, so there should not be any pain. I think this will be Ella's style for the winter months. If you find any long-sleeved cute onesie's, think of us! We have lots of white ones but only a handful of colored ones...I will be on the lookout now.

And my little helper was along by my side yesterday. His sweet little disposition makes all worries go away. He knows that little sis has to wear her shoes all the time, except for baths. He is so understanding and loves Ella so much. He has never been very jealous or possessive and I am thankful. I love my Carter-boo and Ell-bell so much...I've never loved like I love my babies.

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  1. We had family and friends on the look out for all sizes of sleepers without feet. They can be hard to find at times.

    Hope she has adjusted to the bar well and things are looking up from now on.

    Isn't it nice to give her a REAL bath...ALL the time? Enjoy!