Monday, February 8, 2010

Playtime Pal

Last week we went to visit Courtney and Sophia. Courtney is my long time friend that I met at Indiana University and she is the most hysterical, fun, and devoted friend! She is that friend that will make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and can always make you smile, even when you are not feeling like it. She is one of my three "best" or closest friends, and I just love visiting with her!

As you can see, she is pregnant with baby #2...doesn't she look great? I never had that big baby belly, maybe because I'm so tall! This little bundle will be here on April 5th and already has a name: Henry Nolan. How sweet.

Sophia and Carter are only 5 months apart, so they are at the same "stage" of life right now, although they did have their differences. Sophia has all the "girlie" toys at her house, so Carter liked playing with the kitchen, shopping cart, and other stuff. Isn't it funny how kids like other children's toys better than their own? That always amazes me...

Ella's play-mate will be here soon {Henry} and we can't wait to have more playdates!

Our play-dates definitely serve two play and Mommies get to talk and take a break!

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  1. I can't wait for our next playdate!! I can't wait for Henry to join the picture.