Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, little Ell is out of it right now. Had 4 shots today and an oral dose! Wow...poor baby can't get a break. Appointment went well - she weighs a tiny 9lbs 2oz and is 22.5 inches long. Dr. Bohney wants to see her in another month to check on her weight gain {only in the 10th percentile right now}.

SO...we all went Krogering after the appointment and I made two yummy recipes from Gina's weight-watcher-recipe blog. This lady is a God-send to me right now as far as dieting goes. I made the broccoli soup and the no-bake cheesecake.

I have tasted both and they are DELISH. Seriously, I don't even think Jonathan will know that the cheesecake is diet...he will just "know" because I am eating it, ha! I've got about 12 more pounds to go, and I am being good on the diet currently. Don't ask me next week, hehe.

I had to put a picture up today, so this was a "pre-Ella" picture. In fact, I think I was a few months pregnant with her in this one. I am missing my little Owie today...

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  1. Matthew has always been tiny too. He was 10th percentile when he was born and dropped slowly to -10th. He has finally made it back on to the chart.

    We joke that his younger brother will have to drive him to his first date because he will still be in his booster seat.