Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Weekend

Did you think we forgot about you? Never! Just been super busy around this house. Like Ella's brand new headband? Of course I made it and I think it is adorable! Ell-bell is so cute and looks more chunky in this picture than she really is...ha! She has been smiling for a few weeks now, but this is one of the only shots I have so far. She is the most adorable little thing ever.

Carter had quite the eventful weekend. Saturday morning I noticed he had a cough and it progressively started to sound like a "barking cough" and that means BIG trouble in my books. When Carter was a baby he had 3 rounds of the croup. It was very bad, and one of his episodes resulted in 4 breathing treatments, steriod shots, one ambulance ride {which was crazy expensive} and a chest x-ray. soon as Jonathan got home from work, I headed to the nearest prompt-care-center to get him checked out.

He was confused because he only knows of Dr. Loder and Dr. Bohney, and this was another doctor's office! It was really quite cute. The doctor said he did think it was croup and loaded Carter up with 3 different types of medicine. Wow, I thought giving medicine to a baby was bad...Carter has thrown a fit every time we have given it to him! We now had a glass of water and he gets a little medicine then a drink -- this goes on until the medicine has been taken completely. Little Stinker!

Overall, he is doing fine. Luckily the croup is a viral infection so little Ell had no problems.

I also wanted to add Carter's new favorite book to the blog today! Carter has always loved books since he was a baby, but now he is to the age of actually sitting and listening to a story. Each night we read a book, and I believe we have been reading this one for the past 4 nights straight. Giraffes Can't Dance is about Gerald the Giraffe and how he learns to listen to the music of his heart {Carter doesn't get that yet}. BUT, this has been great to teach Carter about happy faces, sad faces, funny faces, and etc. Find it here.

If you have a little one at home, I encourage you to be reading with them daily! As a teacher, reading is so important and you can never read to kids enough. On that note, did you know my maternity leave ends in 2 weeks? Wow.

ONE more thing. You know how I am infatuated with Gina's weight-watcher-recipe blog? Well, I have now tried these recipes and know they are scrumptious. Cheesecake, chicken cord-on-blue, broccoli cheese stuffed chicken, asparagus soup, broccoli soup, eggplant parmesian, Greek yogurt and berries, and tonight we are having this and this. Currently have about 12lbs to go until I'm at my Pre-Ella weight!

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  1. Both my boys have spent many a night in the ER with a croupy coughs taking breathing meds, steriods, and even being hospitalized for days, so I know that panicky feeling when you hear that seal start to bark followed by that horrid strider.

    Turned out both my boys are asthmatic and now that we have them on flowvent during cough and cold season, we are finding less and less trips to the ER. Not saying that is what Carter has, just that keeping them on flowvent has helped tremendously.

    Hope Carter is feeling better soon!