Monday, March 29, 2010


Wish me luck folks. I am attempting to make Ella's Easter dress - yes. I got double the fabric tonight, just to allow for mistakes and it was only $3.47/yard. I also bought more stretchy lace for a new headband, I have buttons to cover with fabric, but I will need to find a cute little sweater to cover.

I won't keep you wondering, I will let you know how it turns out. We might be at Old Navy on Saturday night at 9:59pm buying the last dress we can find in her size. Surely hope not!

P.S. Take a visit to The Vanvleet Family's blog to donate to Macy's March of Dimes Walk-a-thon Team. Babies are near and dear our hearts, especially the ones that have to go through things when they are born. Macy's story is amazing. I promise, you will be touched.


  1. I made Shannon's Easter dress since I couldn't find a good purple one to match Carolines - it wasn't too hard - one problem is that I made it before Caroline was born and Shannon has gotten taller and thinned downed - the dress is so big on her now - I'm taking it in tonight so hopefully it'll look more fitted - I'll have pictures on facebook next week - I can't wait to see Ella's - Good Luck - I love sewing - finding the time is the hard part - haha!

  2. I would agree with you! I bought a pattern, and I am hoping it works out. Very simple -- my newer machine needs to be fixed so I'm using a really old one that someone gets the thread knotted up :( I'm going to try and go slow to make it work! Tell my sweet Shannon I said hi and give Caroline a huge for me -- ooh and Thomas, give him a high-five!