Monday, March 29, 2010


So, don't you just remember watching Sesame Street as a kid? I do, along with Mr. Rogers and the Smurfs. It's so great to see that some of the classics are still around for our babies. I also love Sesame Street because it is a great resource for parents and teachers {hear the teacher coming out in me?}.

We had beyond fun at the Sesame Street LIVE show this past Saturday. Carter, Owen, Ella, Jen, Mom, and myself all went together in the van. Mom never likes to have photos taken so she took this one. of us all. As you can see, the little ones are so into having their pics taken :)

All the friends were there: from left to right - Monsters, Grover, Abby-Cadabby, Prairie, Elmo, Bert. Back row: Bear, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster.

Now, the best part about our trip was the attire for the little ones. Ella had a sweet Elmo and Zoe pink blankie to match her pink outfit {sorry, no pic of the cutie}. Owen and Carter had matching t-shirts made by Memaw herself, she is currently taking orders, ha {get your website ready Mom!}. Isn't Owen so cute in this picture. This was the best view of the shirt that we got.

Memaw also found these hats that matched the t-shirts. They were most definitely the most Elmo-lovin' boys at the show. Just to give you a visual, imagine Carter:
  1. Standing on his seat.
  2. Hand out asking Aunt Jen for more goldfish crackers.
  3. Drumming while eating.
  4. Rocking his head to the beat.
  5. Never taking his eyes off of the stage.

And you wonder where I get my creativity from? Thanks Mom - I think it's one of the best parts of you and me.

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