Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter's Coming

So I am on a final hunt to find Ella's Easter dress. Two choices for Carter, but I wasn't sure what size Ella would be wearing {NB or 3m}. We can either go with blue and white, or brown and white. Personally, I would love the brown option but that has been hard to locate for a little girl. Of course, I have to make a new big flower for her - the flowers will never end for this baby girl. What are your kiddos wearing? What are YOU wearing? I will probably dress in something "new" but old that fits me again {now 8lbs to go until I'm at pre-Ella weight}.

I thought these were so cute. I might make them for Carter's Sunday School class on Easter. Simple yet fun and inexpensive. I like it.

Today was the "Easter party" at Carter's pre-school. Guess who popped in for a visit? None other than the Easter bunny. And which little boy was stunned as could be and did not want near the Easter bunny? That would be our precious Carter Alan. Thanks to Mrs. V for posting a pic of the bunny for us parents to see.

We head to see Elmo this weekend in Sesame Street LIVE. Keep watching for the latest fashion trends with toddlers...hint: made by Memaw and Elmo-themed. You are gripping your chairs with anticipation aren't you? Happy weekend dear readers!

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