Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was our last "free" day without any plans or schedules! Tomorrow starts the beginning of our new daily routines. Since I will be starting back to work soon, we decided to start transitioning Carter to his new pre-school. He will be going to a Montessouri based pre-school and this method starts at age 3 {he's almost there} and his class will go up to age 6. Read about the method here. I love the philosophy behind this education style, but it doesn't always work for all children so we will see how precious Carter-boo does.

"Are you excited to go back to work?" you may ask. Well, I love teaching and it's nice to have another income, and I am also so blessed to have the teaching position I am currently in that will allow me to keep Ella home. I am also excited for Carter and his new adventures...yet sad to see him not stay with me every second of the day. Nervous about our new schedule and how structured we will, yes and no to that question. Can you believe I have already looked to see when our spring break is?

I did sneak a picture of both kids after they went to bed tonight. Interesting to see that both are on their bellies with heads facing the same direction! Photos were taken with my phone, so I had to use the help of picnik to get them to show up {isn't Picnik so fun?}

Ella is a little doll as well. Cooing, spitting bubbles, trying to stand up, and all sorts of other tricks. She loves to be rocked on her belly with her pacifier. She did not like a pacifier until recently, but now loves the Playtex Ortho-Pro pacifier. They are very similar to the all-popular Nuk and much cuter than the green ones from the hospital that Carter loved until he was 10 months old.

In other news...I love Jonathan Brian today, so much. He makes me feel extra special.

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