Friday, March 19, 2010

Odds and Ends

Friday night...I know, crazy time to write huh? The banner give-a-way ends tonight! Make sure and enter for that cute little piece of art.

Did you know The Rock and Worship Roadshow came to Indianapolis last night? They did and it was great; they rocked Conseco. We had been planning to take our youth for a couple of weeks and we were psyched. $10 for a concert of 6-7 groups that are very well-known in the contemporary christian music world. The music was incredible and all the groups were even better LIVE than on the radio.

Mercy Me. I like this.

Francesca Battistelli. Most popular song.

Fee {my #2 favorite of the night}. Love this.

David Crowder Ban {my #1 favorite of the night}. How he loves us.

Now, of course there was a promotional gig to this night full of great christian music, and it was a good one. Rock the Cradle {watch this video} is with Compassion International and they are focusing on getting mothers in third world countries good prenatal care, immunizations for infants, and other health-related help for children until they are 5 and can enter the Compassion program. Some of their information included:

  • Almost 25,000 children under the age of 5 die daily equalling 9 million children each year.
  • 1300 mothers die daily in child-birth or pregnancy related complications

It made me want to about you?

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  1.! SOme of my favorite bands! AWESOME!