Friday, May 7, 2010

Organic, DHA, or Plain?

Since Ella is now eating baby-food, which she loves, I'm finding it interesting all of the choices. Do we choose organic for baby girl? Or maybe extra DHA for her brain? Or just regular, because regular has worked for the past 50 years? I get confused just looking through them all.

I usually just buy the regular. Carter never liked the DHA stuff. I also buy the ones that I have coupons for {can I get an amen?} and I also buy either Pampers or Huggies, whichever one has the best deal. What do you buy for your baby? Any good stories?

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  1. As far as diapers go...if you live near a Target, try there brand. You can get a big box for about $14.00. I used them for both of my kiddos and never had a problem. They fit well and are very absorbent.
    LOVE the blog Bethany!