Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did you find him?

Were you able to locate Carter in the kids choir on Easter? This is his classic pose while the children's choir is singing -- my classic little boy, right here!

Ell-bell is busy having fun, learning new things, seeing new colors, grabbing at everything with her death-grip. She's growing like a weed, although she seems to be getting longer and staying pretty skinny-minny. She's my precious little angel always.

Lots of relaxing has been done the past two days - did you know I'm on spring break? I love it! Teaching rocks. Tomorrow is Carter Alan's 3rd birthday. I can hardly believe he will be 3 in exactly 24 hours. I just got done with his birthday shirt and I hope we have a special day tomorrow. He's so special and I want him to know it everyday, not just on his birthday. I will post birthday information soon {party isn't until Saturday}.

Take a peek at a new favorite blog. Thanks to Jill for cueing me into this new daily-read. GREAT party ideas here and a few I am using this year for Carter.

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