Thursday, May 6, 2010


Do you see them?

Yes, they are chickens. Our chickens. And Jonathan just bought another 4!

This is what has been occupying Jonathan and Carter's time. It's beautiful, quite large, and has plenty of room for our chickens. Jonathan built the entire thing and has a "house-plan" that he designed. Do you know someone wanting a custom chicken-coop? Let me know if you do - maybe it will be a money maker? ha. We had left over paint from the exterior of our house, so the chicken-coop matches our house nicely. The roof is not done yet, and the ladder that goes from the door to the ground is not completed. The chickens are staying in the coop right now - some are about 2 1/2 months old, four of them are about 6 weeks old, and J bought 4 new babies tonight. The coop is plenty large, and we have read that you can sell the eggs for $5/dozen :) Can you tell why I'm not objecting to buying more chickens?

Carter loves the chickens. He is not afraid, and I am. I do not like to go near them and am nowhere near touching them. Have you ever cooked a fresh egg? I did, for the first time, and it was quite different than the store-bought eggs from Kroger that are $1. Thicker and the yolk is really yellow.

I'll keep you posted how the chicken-raisin' goes. :) Gotta love my Jonathan and his crazy yet good ideas!

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  1. Your money making venture could be the start of a college fund for Carter!! Aunt Judy