Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ella Layne is quite the mover now-days. We took her shoes off last night before her bath, and she was practically up on all fours trying to move around. You think I'm kidding? Nope. We think her legs are super strong because of the shoes and bar. I give her another 2 months, then she'll be all over this house.

Ell went to stay with Memaw and Papaw last weekend, had some fun down south. Lots of attention, peace and quiet, and lots of time outside on the porch with Papaw - always a favorite for the grandbabies.
Carter's enjoying half-days at preschool. I have started picking him up around noon, then we have lunch together and he goes down for a nap. He seems to like this schedule :) and I do too. He's learning all sorts of new stuff, loves puzzles and playing outside. He's quite the creative little thinker...hope he never loses that.

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  1. Beautiful baby girl! Oh how I miss you guys!