Monday, May 24, 2010

Heard of it?

There is such great talk about IKEA and I have found that I am very fond of this store as well. Wish I could have a $100 shopping spree. I thought you all might like to see a sampling of my top picks. First - the stool. These can be found most everywhere, but I like this simplistic design, the price is great, and if you have a toddler it is a MUST have. For Carter, this little stool has helped him learn how to go potty, how to brush his teeth, wash his hands, and the list goes on and on. I am constantly saying "Carter, go get your step-stool!"
How adorable is this mobile? I want to buy it for Ella. Yes, she has one but doesn't she need another?

This is a cute, girlie rug. Perfect for wood-floors and play areas.

We are in serious need of more burp-cloths and bibs. Super good deals on these.

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