Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Thanks" ideas

We had about 5 couples that helped us chaperone the camping trip for our church youth group. I have been meaning to get them a sweet thank-you and finally found time for it yesterday evening. My mom is quite the "canner" and usually makes some yummy strawberry jam {I am talking GOOD}. I opted to give three couples jam {strawberry and blackberry - made from our blackberry bushes}. Who doesn't love jelly on toast for a perfect morning breakfast or evening snack?

I made it a tad bit cuter by using some left-over fabric scraps to put under the lid. Cute and creative.

The other couples got home-made peanut butter cookies, complete with the fork-cross-marks in the middle. The recipe was delish, cookies baked 7 minutes and were perfection. I didn't have any tins lying around, so I chose to use a regular Ziploc bag {gallon size}. Cookies in, tie with a ribbon, then trim off the edge that is the seal. Perfect clear bag and the bow makes it nice and clean looking.
I have read that good etiquette means you have a "thank-you" sent out within 3 weeks of the event. I barely made it! My mom taught me to always send thank-you notes, so I do try my best. Who doesn't love getting sweet thank-you's in the mail?

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