Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy as a Bee!

Sorry for the delay in posting! We have had quite a busy week -- VBS every night {which was a huge success}, closing out the school-year, professional development, and LIFE. Crazy as ever. And to top it off, I need a new blackberry charger! Isn't it wild how we are dependent on our phones?

Carter is a hot-tamale during these summer days. He did not enjoy fishing so much -- he was hot and out of patience. He did have fun playing with the stroller in the shade :) I know you love his boots...find them at your local Target.

Ella is a little fire-cracker. We went to the park and she did not like the hot-sun, so we sat in the shade {hence the shadows}. She is an explorer now-days. Wanting to pull-up on all the closest tables, chairs, legs, etc. Crawling all over the house. She is also finally in 3-6month clothing. Her 3m stuff still fits, but we are finally breaking into a new wardrobe with 3-6m. Yesterday she was so cute in a vintage little summer dress that I found at a second-hand-sale. Don't you love those finds?

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