Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something fun

Ever headed on I-65north for a long time? Going past Indianapolis? Maybe up to Chicago? IF SO...please stop at Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. It is exit 220 and you can see it from the highway - you are sure to have a mooooooooving experience!

We took our students on a field-trip to Fair Oaks and it is by far the coolest place I have ever taken a group of kids. From the mini-museum, 3d movie {on fertilization}, birthing barn, tour of the milking stations, and etc. The possibilities are endless. Some interesting facts that I was made aware of...
  • Cows are milked until they are 7 months pregnant, then given 2 months of a rest. As soon as they give birth, they begin milking again until they are {once again} 7 months pregnant. WHOAH - not for me.
  • The farm has 30,000 cows and has 70-80 births each day.
  • If a cow has twins that are boy/girl, the female will never have a baby - she is shipped off with the boys.
  • A cow has 4 stomachs.
  • During the milking process, a cow can get rid of 20-25lbs of milk.
  • This farm employs hundreds of people that work 12-hour shifts, 365 days of the year.
  • Fair Oaks generates all of its own energy -- very green! I like it.

Did you learn anything? Carter was also thrilled to drive the mini-John Deere tractors around and the ice-cream was delish. Carter licked his bowl clean and Mommy did too. Ell got a little taste of that sweet stuff too :)

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