Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I always adored little boys in hats, then I had my baby boy. I really started loving hats on baby boys when I had MY little one. Partly because there is no fru-fru with boys; hats are your only option to spice up an outfit. I started putting hats on Carter almost as soon as he was born, and he has stuck with them. I have found some great hats over the years; dressy, newsboy, pageboy, caps, engineer, etc. I find a lot of really vintage hats at Goodwill or other thrift-shops.

Carter loves wearing hats now, and it's almost like a trademark. He usually sports a "faux-hawk" but when the hair is getting a little long, we always throw on a hat. The one above is a favorite, but I there are some great hat resources out there. Children's Place is always a good stop for cute hats. Lots around Easter season, and pretty low priced {$6}. Sidenote: when Carter's hats from Children's Place get a too little, I clip the seam that holds the top down and it gives a little extra room.
Isn't this cute? Etsy is perfect for hats, especially crocheted ones. Simply J Crochet is a master at cute stuff for babies, kids, toddlers, adults. She is one creative Momma and is wonderful to work with. Now offering headbands, uh oh!

What about adults? Well, J doesn't do the hat thing but these are really classy for men. I thought they were very well done. Here's to wearing hats!

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