Monday, June 14, 2010


Wild weather here in Indiana. Storms galore. Luckily, none of our trees were hit and none fell over in the terrible thunder storm on Saturday! We did however lose power all Saturday night and part of Sunday. Internet was whack-o this morning and I spent over an hour on the phone trying to get it corrected. Thank goodness little love with still asleep and Carter was pre-occupied with drumming to music.

Lots happened this weekend for us; hope you had a productive weekend as well. I am finishing up the school-year and preparing for this busy, fun summer with my 3-year old and 6 month old. Zoo, museums, picnics, parks, planting, sprinklers, gardens, and my list goes on and on. One thing is definite -- little Ell will have to wear sunscreen. She is one little "whitey" like her Aunt Jen and her Daddy. Carter took after me, tans pretty easily. Both little ones had a fun weekend and little Ella officially has her bottom two teeth. They are both growing like weeds!

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