Monday, July 19, 2010


Saturday was Ella's big 7-month celebration! We spent 3 days at my parents house playing with the water-hose, visiting the Louisville Zoo, having a cousin sleep-over-party, being outside, riding the go-cart, and taking it easy.

Ella is such a good baby -- yes, I am her Momma but really...she is. Couldn't ask for a more calm, happy, and playful little girl. 7 months old and she is...
  • Crawling like a spider monkey {behind in the air and legs straight}
  • Pulling up on anything she can
  • Laughing at Carter-boo
  • Making the sounds mama, dada, gaga
  • Has her bottom two teeth
  • Not a lot of hair yet
  • Loves to be bare-foot {constantly pulls off booties and socks}
  • Prefers to crawl on the kitchen floor rather than carpet.

She is my sweet-girl. Love her beyond words.

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