Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Some of you might have noticed that I have no updated on Carter's swimming lessons, since the first day. Well...we have had quite an adventure with "water" this summer. Long story short - we took Carter out of swimming lessons because he was literally petrified of the water. The second swimming lesson was a little better, but he did not like it, was not at ease, and wasn't ready. Since that time, we've been trying to get him to like the water instead of being so disturbed. He loves to take a bath, but other than that he has wanted nothing to do with the water. The hose has become his friend, and he loves playing with it. Then, this weekend he told Memaw that he wanted to run through! Whoah, what a breakthrough!

So he ran through, and ran through, and ran through like a little crazy man. When I asked him about swimming today, he quickly replied "I don't want to!" so I guess that we are one little step closer :) Hopefully he will have fun in the sand in Florida and gradually get used to this water. Needless to say, he is not a little fish...ha!

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