Monday, July 12, 2010

Craft Season is coming...

Our church is hosting its first ever craft-fair this fall! Pretty sweet deal: your table/registration is $10 and the rest is yours. So, of course I signed up :) My thoughts are rolling as to what I could make and sell...what will really sell. I like this hat from home-made-by-Jill {she just had sweet Ruby last week!}. This is a really simple idea and could sell for fairly cheap.

I also love this market skirt from dana-made-it blog. She is super duper talented, and this is fairly simple. Although - I have to start perfecting my sewing skills if I am going to accomplish this one.

I will definitely sell some home-made headbands, like Ella models in most pictures. I am also looking into making home-made bath salts in cute mason jars. Do you have any good ideas for things to sell at a craft fair? I'm all ears!

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