Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missing, are we?

Hello out there! Sorry I have been missing from this blogging world over the past week. We have had some major internet issues that just got resolved today - but wow, I have so much to report. We took a trip to the Louisville Zoo and had a blast. Such a hot day but loads of fun.

All grand-babies were equipped with hats to keep the dreaded sun off of them. Thanks Memaw!

This photo was too good to pass up -- Owen loves his Momma.

Among the favorities were the giraffes, gorillas, and the camels. A baby giraffe had been born recently - the giraffes are such beautiful creatures. Their spots are gorgeous and their knees are also quite interesting {take a look next time you see one}. The gorillas were among the most people-friendly. They came right up and were playing peek-a-boo as well as sitting right up close to the glass. I think they look so close to a human-being, maybe a little freaky to me. And the camels were very up-close and personal! They were beautiful -- have you headed to your local zoo this summer? It's always a fun trip.
I'll be posting frequently to catch up to speed - thank you for reading!

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