Sunday, August 15, 2010


So, if you didn't catch on {because of my lack of posting} we were in Destin, Florida last week! 7 days of bliss with my wonderful sis, bro-in-law, and sweety Owen. I did have to work a little, but only during naptimes. I'll be blogging about Destin for the next few days, as I come down off of my Florida-high. I love this picture of our family.

We got in very early this morning and pretty much made a straight shoot home. Breakfast, 1 snack-stop, a run for Chick-File, and a final ice-cream call then we were pulling in our long driveway greeted by darkness. I promise to keep you updated on all of our adventures...let's try all the different and cool restaurants we dined at. When we go to far-away places, we try to eat at places that we do not have at home...I think we kept that promise!

Fudpuckers was yummy and the gators were great fun for the kids. The food was delish and the atmosphere was full of creative energy. Fried dill-pickles were yumm-O and Carter loved the hush-puppies.

Landry's Seafood House was a date-night for J and I. We hit happy-hour and got a half-price appetizer; spinch artichoke crab dip = perfection. We did splurge and split the Alaskan crab-legs and lobster. Can I say that it was beyond words?

Harry T's was a final goodbye to Destin. It was a medium-priced restaurant on the pier. The atmosphere was perfect, weather was good, and they made the high-chairs extra tall so we got to sit at a tall table with Ella right beside us. Crab dip was a favorite of the family and the pub-fried-fish was extra crispy and delish.

The Donut Hole was a place we were told to try...and we will be back! We sampled glazed cinnamon twists, apple-fritters, muffins, long-johns, and glazed donuts. Mmmmm, my stomach is growling.

Those are my top-4 restaurant picks. We ate most of our lunches in the condo {which was beach-side and fab} so we headed out for dinner. Hope your Monday is wonderful -- glad to be back!

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  1. Love the picture! Fudpuckers is #1 on my list too. The fried pickles are my absolute favorite. Glad you had a great trip, welcome home!

    ~ Shayna